Biscuits & Gravy, Inc.
Founded 1976, Fraser Limited is a DBA of Biscuits & Gravy, Inc., A California Corporation (retired)

Profile of the
Fraser Limited Real Estate Group

FRASER LIMITED has been a prominent provider of real estate advisory services since 1976. We create multiple advantages for clients by combining entrepreneurial thinking and working knowledge of corporate real estate issues with our broad real estate expertise, creative resources, and diverse network of clients and contacts.

Our experience, credentials, and multidisciplinary approach enable us to provide the highest quality of services to our clients. We are experienced in developing creative ideas in today's cost conscious and risk averse environment. Our tradition of exceptional attentive client service continues today with an even greater commitment as we are driven by the same common goals: quality service, technical know-how, innovation, and industry leadership.

FRASER LIMITED is dedicated to providing a broad array of professional services to corporate and commercial real estate owners/developers/operators, financial institutions and government agencies. Additionally, FRASER LIMITED has the ability to draw upon local resources, a network of respected and knowledgeable industry experts whose established relationships with FRASER LIMITED may be utilized to augment demands for regional expertise.

FRASER LIMITED has been providing broad-based real estate consulting services to building owners, general contractors, educational and financial institutions, government and quasi-government bodies for many years. This wide range of clients--and our many years of experienced leadership in serving the real estate, industry and government entities--has given us a breadth of expertise unmatched by any other independent consulting firm.

A strong indication of the FRASER LIMITED Real Estate Group’s market presence is our client base. We have provided services to:

  • Some of the largest banks in the U.S.
  • Many top Property Management companies
  • Many of America’s largest real estate owners/investors/developers
  • Top three Real Estate Brokerage firms
  • The Real Estate Investment Trust industry
  • Some of America’s largest engineering and construction companies
  • Major Universities and metropolitan School Districts
  • Leading Medical Centers and Healthcare Systems
  • Technology firms with growth in the forty to fifty percent range
  • Major Shopping Mall owner/operators

We believe that FRASER LIMITED is uniquely qualified to provide the services required to complete any real estate cost reduction assignment. Our qualifications include:

  • A thorough understanding of your objectives and the related scope of services to be performed.
    • Over thirty years in Class A office, retail and hospitality real estate experience
    • Pension Fund principals and goals
    • REIT restrictions and structures
    • Asset Management experience
    • Multi-Family residential, condo, apartment and village
    • Construction and Project Management experience
    • Administration, Operations & Maintenance experience
  • Unmatched experience of our key personnel in the following areas.
    • A thorough understanding of utilities and rate structures
    • A thorough understanding of property ownership and management issues

      Extensive real estate consulting expertise in facility management, cost reduction and maintenance

      Organization and systems engineering, including developing asset management systems for large portfolios of real estate assets, loans, and leases.
Experience in analyzing "new era" (deregulation) utility issues and agreements.




Services Property Performance Enhancement (PPE) Overview Definition: Detailed examination of the client’s facilities to produce specific recommendations to reduce Administration, Operations and Maintenance costs and boost workplace efficiencies and productivity. PPE Client Drivers Move from “Average” to “Best in Class” Maintain the competitive edge Enormous pressure to reduce costs, operate more efficiently, and increase shareholder value. Go beyond traditional improvement approaches Improve property performance Improve customer satisfaction Potential Clients Users Portfolios Headquarters Locations Hospitals Large Residential Mixed-Use Properties Acquisition/Disposition Typical Operating Expense Breakdown PPE Trends Aligning R.E. Organizations with Core Business Benchmarking to “Best in Class” Facilities Operating Expenses are Trending Down and/or Stabilizing Continuing and Selective Outsourcing (Co-Sourcing) Performance Based Contracting AO&M Diagnostic Process Property Cost Reduction Process AO&M Opportunity Assessment Perform a High Level Review of Operations, Administrative, and Maintenance Areas on a Representative Property(s) Outline and Prioritize Areas for Future Study and Greatest Opportunity Indicate Preliminary Range of Cost Savings in each area Target Areas for AO&M Phase II Diagnostic E&YKL’s Objectives Improve Competitive Advantage and Ongoing Facility Flexibility Senior Level Support and Confidence Increase Customer Service Increase Operation and Organizational Efficiency Assist in the Refinement of a Premier Facilities Department Align with Industry Best Practices AO&M Areas Reviewed Management and Administration Janitorial HVAC, Plumbing and Electromechanical Systems Utility Conservation Preventative Maintenance Security/Life Safety Vertical Transportation General Maintenance and Parking Impact of Governmental Regulations Management & Administration Organizational Review Management Follow-Up System Cost Tracking Interdepartmental Charging System Operating Budgets Bidding Process Purchasing & National Contracts Janitorial In-House Personnel Outside Contractors Wage & Benefit Analysis Work Methods Training Criteria Bidding Process Contract Specifications & Standards Equipment & Supplies HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Manpower Training Criteria Repairs & Maintenance Work Order System Review Current Maintenance Manuals HVAC, Mechanical Equipment Chillers HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing (Cont) Boilers Fans Vertical Transportation Water Treatment Lighting UPS Preventive Maintenance Software Unscheduled Maintenance Scheduled Maintenance Inventory Control Tenant Request Cost Tracking and Billing AO&M Diagnostic (Phase II) Utility Conservation Lighting Systems Mechanical Equipment Controls Systems Water Usage Energy Audit Checklist Retrofit Opportunities Security Manpower vs. Electronic Systems Card Access Control Alarms CCTV Emergency Procedures Earthquake & Fire Vertical Transportation Performance Contracting Standard Maintenance Checklists Standards & Contract Specifications Bidder Instructions & Qualifications General Maintenance Manpower Requirements Building Inspections Roof & Maintenance Parking Lot & Garage General Housekeeping Doors, Hardware, Locks, etc. Recycling Impact of Government Regulations Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) Telecommunications Access Transportation Mitigation Asbestos and Other Environmental Issues Worker Safety Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Benchmarking Analysis Compares Current Operating Cost & Methods to “Best in Class” Applies Innovative Techniques Develops New Benchmark Standards Implementation (Phase III) Performed Together with In-house Staff Objective and Flexible Quantifiable Focused Fully Realized Savings as a Goal AO&M Benefits Single Source Service Benefits Improving corporate bottom line Improve employee working conditions Maximize flexibility New Contract Standards & Specifications Enhanced Preventive Maintenance Systems Automated Work Order Systems Quality Control Streamlined Facilities Management Admin. Increased Operating Efficiencies AO&M Compensation Contingent Fee Fixed Fee Plus Incentive Fixed Fee Corporate Real Estate Services Property Performance Enhancements Lease Audits Lease Audits & Pass-throughs National Primarily Major Cities Tenants with Major Office Building Leases Minimum Requirements 500,000 sq. ft. Preferably over 1mm sq. ft. In more than one lease Lease Audit Methodology Review Lease/Occupancy Document Review Clients Records of all Bills Paid Under the Lease(s) Review Landlords Records of all Bills Prepared Under the Lease(s) Verify Compliance with Lease Terms Lease Audit Product A Detailed Report Describing the Research Undertaken Explaining the Review Procedures Documenting the Findings Defining Exact Amounts that should have been Billed Under the Lease Recommending a Course of Action to Obtain Reimbursement Negotiation Process Including Analytical & Technical Aspects Primary Reasons for Overcharges Structure of Many Corporate Real Estate Departments Leasing Building Operations Finance & Administration Interpretation of Lease Misunderstandings Upon Signing Lease Clauses that Govern Tenant Charges Building Operating Expenses Tenant Electric, Steam, Gas, Water Overtime HVAC Public Light & Power Property Taxes Section Insurance Section Lease Audit Compensation Fixed Fee Plus Incentive Fixed Fee Corporate Real Estate Services Energy Cost Reduction Services Energy Cost Reduction Supply Side (Deregulation) Strategic Planning Aggregation Negotiation RFP Process Implementation Demand Side Utility Audits Utility Bill Auditing Retrofits Payback Analysis/Life Cycle Costing